Public Safety

Brite has been designing, delivering, deploying and supporting a wide range of in-vehicle first responder solutions. Our experience is unparalleled, and our approach is unbiased as we incorporate a multitude of best-in-class products into our solutions. Our account managers, subject matter experts, and engineers have an average of 12 years experience in the business. We feel strongly that one single solution does not work for every customer, so we take the time to understand the goals and objectives as defined by each customer. Then using our industry experience, coupled with our vast array of supported products, we provide a solution that meets those business goals and objectives efficiently.
Brite has maintained strong partnerships with Fujistu, Panasonic, Xplore to provide best in breed rugged and semi-rugged tablets for mobile computing solutions. Our project group will ensure you have the proper mounting equipment from either Lund IndustriesHavis and Gamber Johnson. And we won't stop there, your mobile cockpit is not complete without reliable communications  and vehicle location

Brite named a Verizon BSA (Business Solution Alliance) Partner. Brite works together with Verizon Wireless to present a unified, complementary wireless data solution to prospective customers, including mobile solutions in the public safety arena. 
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