Patrol Witness 

Designed from the ground up by police officers, for police officers; in collaboration with an engineering team with over 15 years of experience in mobile digital video, Patrol Witness delivers a robust, officer-friendly system that can withstand the rigorous daily environment of mobile law enforcement and public service vehicles.

The latest Patrol Witness III (PW-III) DVR provides the most advanced mobile digital video recording system available, offering high-resolution video with embedded audio, and telemetrics/data collection features, including GPS, Light Bar, text and various vehicle status information. .

Key Features

· Complete Integrated wireless download Digital In-Car Video System

· 7 Days Storage Capacity

· Dual Solid State storage devices, secured in two separate locations within vehicle

· Integrated ‘Trace Mark’ Feature utilizes GPS coordinate, allowing for easy retrieval of key events

· Software upgrades performed via the wireless network

· Using OUR latest Video technology we provide a robust, proven reliable technology used in other high profile mobile industries

· Video Software Suite is secure and department friendly, we incorporate multiple advance search features that allow for easy retrieval of video events.

· Included in the Video Software Suite is an Audit Log. Know who, what and when video events are accessed.

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