TrackStar AVLS System

The Track Star AVLS GPS Software Solution is a unique, scalable, and flexible product designed to allow users to achieve maximum efficiency from the vehicle fleets that they operate. It is provided as a complete, turn–key system to the user, providing extremely low cost of operation, while affording complete data privacy and unlimited data retention capabilities to our customers. The TrackStar AVLS system is a client/server based system that supports a growing number of in-vehicle GPS devices and communications technologies to allow customers to achieve the optimum fleet configuration suitable to their needs.

  • Ideal choice for Public Safety, Municipal, Schools, Utility, Delivery, Service for Public Safety, Municipal, Schools, Utility, Delivery, Servicefor Public Safety, Municipal, Schools, Utility, Delivery, Service

  • Real time GPS vehicle tracking

  • Real time event alerting notification on-screen, by text message or email for input activation, geo-fence violation, posted speed limit violation, overspeed event

  • “Trail” feature allows vehicles such as snow plows, sanders/sweepers and police patrols to leave a trail behind them as they work

  • Integrates the powerful functionality of an assortment of GPS enabled devices (Modems, Laptop Computers, Foot Patrol Data Collection)

  • Scalability allows system to grow with fleet growth -- Any fleet size from one to thousands

  • Supports digital inputs, digital outputs and analog data capture functions of devices

  • Hosted option available

  • Remarkably Affordable extremely low cost of acquisition and operation

  • Clean, Intuitive, easy to use features and functions

  • Aerial Imagery and ESRI Shape file overlay capability

  • Vehicle Activity Playback VCR-like replay with Fast Forward, Reverse, Play, Stop & Pause

  • Geofencing features report automatically on arrival, departure and violations

  • TeleAtlas Street level maps for US

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