A Complete View on Cybersecurity Compliance

As cybersecurity regulations continue to change, organizations typically struggle with the moving target. With Brite’s cybersecurity expertise and assessments, our customers can be assured that cybersecurity compliance regulations are satisfied and crown jewels are secured.

Go Beyond the Check Box

Ensure that your organization meets industry cybersecurity compliance regulations and is properly mitigating risk. Brite’s industry experts are well-versed on the intricacies of cyber regulations across a multitude of verticals. At the core of Brite’s compliance efforts, we aim to not only check a box, but to examine the intent behind the criteria and properly meet it.  Brite is here to help you navigate compliance regulations and mitigate risks.

With man-hour reduction in mind, Brite is pleased to offer an array of cybersecurity compliance assessments.  Take the legwork out of determining compliance shortcomings with this exclusive set of tools and expertise, with knowledge of regulations including, but not limited to, GDPR, NYS DFS, HIPAA and PCI.

Cybersecurity Compliance Focus Areas

Managed Compliance Tools

SIEM - Managed or Unmanaged

Vulnerability Scanning and Management

Patch Management

File Integrity Management

Device Compliance

Security Awareness Training

Assessment Tools and Services

Device Compliance Assessment

Privileged Access Risk Assessment

Data Risk Assessment

Vendor Risk Monitoring and Management

Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment

Helpful Resources:

NYS DFS Compliance Guide

Forescout Compliance Guide

Third Party Risk Management

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