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It’s 6 a.m. and Meredith is trying to catch up on some emails at the office before the throng of calls and meetings for the day begin. While in the middle of a response to an employee’s question at a customer location, her email crashes. Frustrated she restarts her mail program and sets about emailing said employee again, her screen freezes and email crashes again. She tries to remedy the situation by restarting her entire machine, when this fails to rectify it, further investigation reveals the Exchange server is running dangerously close to capacity. The best course of action in the short-term is to archive off older emails, then delete them from Exchange.

It’s now 8 a.m. and she has to be downtown for a client meeting. She sees Jeff, her administrative assistant, coming in the door. She asks Jeff to alert all the employees of the situation and get them to archive and delete their older emails. She asks him to take on the task of archiving all of her emails as well, then dashes out the door.

Upon Meredith’s return, Jeff informs her the server is running much better now that the employees have finished archiving and deleting all the old emails. He has saved her archived emails onto the file server as well. Pleased Meredith goes into her office to try to email the employee from this morning again, but the information he is requesting is one of the older emails archived off. When Meredith goes searching for the email, she is surprised to see an empty folder!

Meredith calls in Jeff, who jumps into her seat to try to find the archived emails to no avail. Meredith can get the taped backups for the Exchange, but it is already 10 a.m. and the employee has been idle all of this time. All of this could have been avoided if Meredith had BriteMail Hosted Exchange. BriteMail replicates data in real-time in the event of a hardware failure or database corruption. Even in the event of a hardware failure, Brite is able to rapidly restore full functionality of your Exchange environment. In addition, Meredith’s company would be fully protected with anti-virus, anti-mail and content filtering. And she can sleep well knowing her company’s confidential information is protected at a facility with video surveillance, security guards and a secured entry.

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